Located in Victoria, Canada

Clients & Collaborators

Completed projects
  • Firmware for radio-controlled safety equipment
  • PCB design for courtroom stenography tablet
  • Translation of raw bathymetry data for use in Maya 3D for use in underwater animation sequence
  • Tiny MIDI synthesizer for portable computng platform
  • Field-swappable sound velocity sensor for oceanographic instrumentation.
  • PCB design for heart valve test system.
  • Pro-audio digital mixer & turntable.
  • Optical detector with 2.4 GHz radio link in collaboration with Codetta Product Design.
  • PCB design for consumer audio application.
  • Battery operated Zigbee remote-end sensor.
  • Palm PDA applications for field configuration of products manufactured by several Victoria companies.
  • Embedded firmware for high-end solar powered lighting products.  
  • Hardware and firmware design for a number of radio repeater control systems.
  • "Hot standby" backup controller for redundant radio repeaters.
  • Design of the receiver and firmware for an ultrasonic tone operated light switch.
  • Motor controller for a dynamic sculpture which appeared in the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria.
  • Designed hardware and firmware for seed dryers used in specialized silviculture applications.
  • Hardware and software design for a commercially available single-board-computer based on the Motorola HC16 processor.
  • Telephone interconnect for radio repeaters.  FCC and Industry Canada type approved.

Current Projects

In between client work, there are always interesting side projects:

Zigbee home control network
Currently this uses the Texas Instruments MSP430 for the end devices and Maxstream XBee radio modules.  The central coordinator is  Python code running on a PC for now, but this will be moving to another platform, the Philips ARM7 series microcontroller.  The goal is to have a web-based system to control the network.  Currently, the controller is respondng to PING requests, and will shortly have a web server added.

Robotic planetarium

This is a 'fun' project - mostly an exercise in the mathematics of astronomy. Using a Lego Mindstorms set, this is a robotic altitude-azimuth mount for a laser pointer.  For gloomy days, it'll point to where the sun would be, if you could only see it.

Pathway Lighting

Using PWM techniques and digital filtering, the aim is to have ground-level LED lighting which looks "organic".  The current design mimics the flickering of a candle flame pretty effectively, but since there's no apparent motion, it's not quite convincing enough.  The ultimate goal is for it to be subtle and attractive, even to non-technical viewers.  

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